Discover Austin: Uncommon Objects - Episode 60

For our latest episode of Discover Austin, I went to Uncommon Objects to browse their collection of unique items. Whether you're looking for something antique or perhaps a taxidermy critter, Uncommon Objects is a good place to begin your search.  If you'd prefer to read about Uncommon Objects, the transcript can be found below the video.

This is not some kind of average thrift store. Carefully curated by a team of more than 20 antique sellers, Uncommon Objects is a collection of thousands of treasures from all over the world. It’s been coined as “your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids.” Rows upon rows and shelves upon shelves of interesting finds clutter the store. Shoppers enjoy an experience like no other as they traverse history discovering the stories of unusual artifacts. Their antique dealers are very particular with the objects that they bring into the store, so that even seasoned antique shoppers find the most interesting oddities. Needless to say, there’s no telling what you might find, or what piece of history you might take home.

Uncommon Objects was founded in 1991 by Steve Wiman and a business partner, though Wiman has been the sole owner since 2006. With his master’s degree in studio art from the University of Texas, Wiman has nurtured the atmosphere of Uncommon Objects, to make the shopper’s experience aesthetically pleasing. This is something that particularly sets Uncommon Objects aside from any other antique mall – that attention to detail. With all the growth that it has experienced over the years, this unique antique shop that was previously located on South Congress is now in a larger location near Ben White and Manchaca.

Many artists use Uncommon Objects as a source for the raw materials that they need to create all different forms of art. You’ll also regularly find Interior designers, movie set designers, and others searching for inspiration among the oddities.

Clearly, Uncommon Objects is beloved by Austinites, but it is also well-known beyond our city. It has been featured in magazines from GQ and Vogue to Southern Living and Martha Stewart.

It’s hard to say exactly what will happen on a trip to Uncommon Objects. Every day is a little bit different, with merchandise constantly moving in and out. From old photographs and cameras to vintage chandeliers. You might find a taxidermy cobra or an electric drumming bear. There’s always something for everyone to marvel at in Uncommon Objects.

So when you’re in need of something quirky, vintage, or simply fascinating, take some time to visit Uncommon Objects to discover something unexpected.

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