Discover Austin: Round Rock Donuts - Episode 3

In the third episode of 'Discover Austin' we drool over the best donuts in town!  Head to Round Rock Donuts to taste them yourself....I promise, you will not be disappointed!  New episodes are available each week. Over the course of the series, we’ll cover everything from landmarks and events to restaurants and icons.  If you’d prefer to read about Round Rock Donuts, the video transcript is below the video.

We're traveling a bit north to the city of Round Rock for the mouth-water sensations of Round Rock Donuts.
Named the “Best Donut in Texas” by Texas Monthly, Round Rock Donuts is an institution. Founded in 1926 and formally known as the Lone Star Bakery, their donuts became know as Round Rock Donuts and eventually customers simply started calling the bakery, Round Rock Donuts.
Manager Krista says, "I definitely think it's a place where people come and bring their families, people love the donuts.  It's a staple of Round Rock."
The donuts are known for their yellow hue which comes from the fresh eggs used in baking them. While most donuts are based with baking powder, Round Rock donuts are yeast-risen which creates a bread-like dough. They are still hand-rolled, cut, and iced as opposed to most donuts which are now machine made. The signature Round Rock donut is glazed or chocolate covered, and both are available in a Texas size, which is for sharing, right?!
"I think the Texas size donut is what people look at us for, the two pounder.  We stamp that one out with a bucket, and people are in awe when they see it."
Of course, Round Rock Donuts also offers a variety of other flavors as well as kolaches, cinnamon rolls, and muffins. I am not exaggerating when I say that these are the best donuts I’ve ever eaten. While it is hard to chose just one, I'd have to say my favorite is Bavarian Cream.  Thanks for joining me on, Discover Austin.

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