Discover Austin: R.O.T. Rally - Episode 48

This episode of Discover Austin is all about the Republic of Texas Rally, the largest biker event in Texas and the largest ticketed event in the United States. Whether you ride a motorcycle or not, ROT Rally is an event to be experienced.  If you'd prefer to read about the ROT Rally, the transcript can be found below the video.

Other Discover Austin topics seen or referenced in the episode: The Texas Capitol Building

For a few days in June every year, tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts converge on Central Texas. 

First held in 1995, ROT Rally is the largest biker event in Texas and the largest ticketed biker event in the US.  So what do you do for a few days at ROT Rally?  Well, quite a lot.

There are a variety of bike exhibitions that take place at different times throughout ROT Rally.  You may get to see some daredevil stunts with motorcycle jumpers and the Globe of Death.  There are a variety of different races that take place with road racers, dirt-trackers, and motocrossers.  And as you walk around, you may simple find some bikers having fun riding their cycles.

All the bikes in this tent are original custom builds and this is the Republic of Texas qualifying event.  The winner advances to the AMD World Championships which is held every two years.  Winning at ROT is a big deal.

There are a lot of vendors at Installation Alley that are directly related to biking – motorcycles, accessories, clothing, etc.  There are also vendors not specifically related to biking – like food and golf carts rentals (so you can easily get around the ROT Rally grounds).

Not all activities take place during all times each day.  I wasn’t able to personally see the tattoo expo or watch a bout of the Texas Rollergirls which is the Austin roller derby league.  There are also biker rodeo games.

Each year a bike is raffled off for the benefit a retired or active member of the military.

On Friday night, the biker parade starts at the main venue and ends on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, right in front of the Texas State Capitol Building.  It’s loud and a lot of fun!  Once all the bikers have finished, the bikes are parked and the bikers take over the downtown area.

If you are a biker, you’ve got to spend a few days at ROT Rally.  If you aren’t a biker, at least head down to Congress Avenue to watch the parade. 

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