Discover Austin: Nau's Enfield Drug - Episode 10

For this Discover Austin episode, I visited an original Austin drugstore, Nau's Enfield Drug.  Walking inside is like stepping back in time.  If you prefer to read than to watch, the video’s transcript is available below the video.

Located at the corner of West Lynn and 12th, Nau’s is the only original Austin drugstore and soda fountain.  It opened in 1951 and really is an Austin landmark.  When you enter Nau’s, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the era when the corner drugstore featured a pharmacy, soda fountain, and grill.  It’s a very friendly atmosphere and has a very different feeling than walking into today’s big-box drug stores.  Though I wasn’t alive during the heyday of this kind of pharmacy, I get the sense I’ve wandered into Mr. Gower’s Drug Store from the all-time classic move, It’s a Wonderful Life.

While the full service pharmacy is always ready to fill a prescription, the nostalgia for a by-gone time is really felt at the soda fountain and grill.  The horseshoe shaped counter is a great place to order up a burger and milkshake and just take in the ambiance.  The milkshakes are hand dipped and made right in front of you.  Nau’s also features malts, ice cream soda’s, and ice cream floats.  The grill is open seven days a week serving both breakfast and lunch.  The front half of the store offers a variety of products that you’d expect to find in a drugstore like bandaids and over the counter medicines.  It also has areas for seasonal items, toys, and other type merchandise.  Lottery tickets are available and back in 2000, Nau’s sold a $28 million dollar winning ticket.

Over the years, Nau’s has won a variety of Best Of Awards as determined by the readers of the Austin Chronicle including Best Milkshake, Best Pharmacy, Best Drugstore, and Best Ice Cream Soda.

I encourage you to take time to visit soon and support a locally-owned family business.

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