Discover Austin: Lake Travis Zipline - Episode 101

I'm back at Lake Travis, fully clothed this time (see Episode 100!), for a thrilling afternoon spent with Lake Travis Zipline Adventures. If you'd prefer to read about what you can expect when ziplining, the transcript can be found below the video.

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Greetings.  There are a lot of wonderful outdoor activities across Central Texas.  We’re going to do some ziplining at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures on this episode of Discover Austin.

I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.  Lake Travis Zipline Adventures is located along the shores of Lake Travis to the northwest of the city.  One of the ziplines is the longest and fastest in the state.  Let’s head across the lake and get started.

Once you’ve arrived at Zip Island, you’ll get suited up with your harness and get a safety and operations briefing.  You can grab some water and take advantage of the last indoor plumbing stop along the tour.

There’s a total of five ziplines.  The first two are akin to bunny slopes.  They give guests an opportunity to get comfortable with ziplining and learn the safety features before they get to the long ones.  The third zipline is named Leap of Faith.  It’s the second longest run on the course at 1800 feet and offers great Lake Travis views.  The maximum speed on this line is 55 miles per hour.  Next up is the Line of Majesty which measures approximately 1600 feet in length offering speeds up to 50 miles per hour.  This one tends to be a favorite as it takes guests over part of Lake Travis (and more so when we aren’t in a drought).  Again, it’s a very picturesque line. 

Lake Travis Zipline is what’s known as an Adventure Course, most people are more familiar with the Canopy Zipline, that’s when you’re in the trees going on shorter ziplines from tree to tree. The Adventure is better defined by long ziplines and then you’ve got to do some hiking to go from one zipline to the next.

The final zipline is the longest one in the adventure and in the state of Texas at over half a mile with speeds that can reach 65 miles per hour.  Known as the The Double Barrel Shotgun, it has two side-by-side lines so people can race.  And since it ends near the concession stand, a friendly wager on who will buy drinks is pretty common.

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures opened in 2011 and the land is adjacent to the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve.  In the construction and continued use of the park, they try to be responsible and respectful with the land.

Each tour goes out with two guides.  They are obviously well trained from a safety standpoint and you’ll feel that throughout your time on the course.  But the guides are also humorous and very nice people to be around for a few hours.  Don’t forget to tip your guides on your way out.

Difference between canopy and adventure ziplines.  (can be put in other spots – just however it works best)

While guests are waiting for their adventure to begin, they can partake in games, rest in hammocks, and other activities.  After the adventure, guests can stay as long as they’d like to swim in the lake.    At the end of the final zipline is a concession stand so feel free to have a drink or a snack before boarding the boat back to the parking lot.  Excluding the before and after activities, your adventure usually takes around three hours.  The zipline park is open from March through November.

When you’re ready to have a thrilling experience, be sure to come out to Lake Travis Zipline Adventures.  I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.  Thanks for joining me for this episode of Discover Austin.

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