Discover Austin: Kite Fest - Episode 40

For this episode of Discover Austin, we hit Zilker Park to attend the country's longest running kite festival.  Grab the kids (as well as the dog!) and head to Zilker next March to see kites of all shapes and sizes fill the sky over Zilker for the annual ABC Kite Fest.  If you'd prefer to read about Kite Fest instead of watching the video, the transcript can be found below.

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The ABC Kite Fest is one of the longest running events in Austin and is, in fact, the longest running kite festival in the country. While the centerpiece of the event is the kite flying, there is also a fun run, children’s music concert, crafts, food, and more.

First held in 1929, the original Kite festival was actually a kite contest sponsored by the Exchange Club. Kite flying is done throughout much of Zilker Park so simply find a spot and get your kite airborne. If you don’t bring your own kite, you can buy one at the event, or make one in a few minutes that is guaranteed to fly. Make one in a few minutes? Yes, indeed. Of course, you want to stay clear of the trees, though every year the kite-eating trees seem to be well fed. There is one restricted area off limits to most kite flyers because it is used by the very large kites and for the various kite competitions including largest kite, smallest kite, highest kite angle, and steadiest kite. There are both youth and adult competition categories.

It really is fun to watch all the kites that are in the air at once all across Zilker Park. But be sure to be alert as you walk around Zilker – you never know when you might get bonked in the head by a kite or get your feet tangled up in some downed string.

Being Austin, there is of course a live music component known as MossFest. It is geared towards kids with acts playing children’s music, kids karaoke, and more. The kids will also enjoy the bounce houses, rock climbing walls, and other carnival-type entertainment.

And don’t forget to bring your dog. There is a fenced off area for a dog park and plenty of vendors geared towards your pet and their well-being.

And if you get hungry, there’s always plenty to eat. A variety of food trucks are available as well as tent-based food vendors.

Because Kite Fest is held in March, the weather can vary dramatically. Sometimes it’s a gorgeous sunny day with highs in the 80s and other times its cloudy and in the 40s. But even when its chilly, like it was this day, just dress for the outdoors and you’ll be fine.

Kite Fest is free to the public, but you can upgrade to the VIP option known as the High Flier Club. This includes close-in parking, early access to Zilker Park, catered breakfast and lunch, table seating & resting area, and more.

The ABC Kite Fest is one of the many family-friendly events in Austin that brings the community together. So grab a kite and come down to Zilker Park next March for an afternoon of fun. I’m Craig Smyser with RE/MAX Capital City. Thanks for joining me for this episode of Discover Austin.

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