Discover Austin: Iconic Murals - Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Discover Austin, all about iconic Austin murals.  We'll be releasing new videos every week, so be sure to check back.  If you'd prefer to read about Austin's iconic murals, the video transcript can be found below the video.

Other Discover Austin topics mentioned in this video: Texas Capitol Building

There's no better place to start than the "Greetings from Austin" mural. Located at the corner of Annie and 1st Street, the mural was originally painted in 1998 and restored in 2013.  Artist Todd Sanders painted it on the side of his art studio, Roadhouse Relics.  Designed as a postcard, it features classic Austin landmarks.  At the bottom is the Texas Capitol Building.  From left to right, inside the letters is the Congress Street Bridge, Barton Creek Pool, the University of Texas Tower, the Frost Bank Building, the 6th street scene, and the Texas flag.  Incidentally, we’ll cover a lot of those in Discover Austin.  As you can imagine, this is a great place to take photos. 

Travel just a few blocks to South Congress where in 2010, the “I love you so much” grafitti was painted on the wall of Jo’s Hot Coffee.  Originally, just a sweet note written to one of the owners of Jo’s, it now serves as a spot for lovebirds and friends to snap photos together.  You may even wait in line to get your shot here. 

Head north to 21st and Guadelupe, on the Drag, where Sound Exchange used to inhabit the corner store.  In 1992, the indie record store requested local musician Daniel Johnston to paint ‘Jeremiah the Innocent,’ who appeared on the cover of Johnston’s 1983 album “Hi, How Are You.” After Sound Exchange left the site, Jeremiah was in danger of being removed by the new occupant.  Locals rallied, were able to halt that project, and preserve the painting. 

Finally, we’ll go to the United Way building in East Austin to the ‘You’re my Butter Half’ mural.  The United Way has been providing support to families and individuals in Austin since 1924.  In 2012, the creator, John Rockwell assembled a team to paint the mural as part of the United Way's re-branding.  The mural is another location that draws both locals and visitors for a photo-op.  There are lots of great murals around the city, so go find your favorite as you Discover Austin.

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