Discover Austin: Fredericksburg - Episode 14

West of Austin, in the Texas Hill Country, sits Fredericksburg.  The quiet town offers a relaxing getaway and has something to offer everyone.  If you prefer to read about what Fredericksburg has to offer, the video transcript can be found below.

I’m in the town Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country.  It’s a destination in itself and we’ll explore it as we take another road trip on this episode of Discover Austin.

Fredericksburg is probably best known for bed & breakfasts and the shops on Main Street, but there’s more to explore in this quaint town.  Settled by Germans back in the mid 1800s, Fredericksburg still maintains close ties to its German heritage.  It has a population of around 11,000 that certainly swells each weekend as visitors decent upon the town.  There are well over 500 rooms available in bed and breakfasts and private homes, and that doesn’t count the numerous hotels in town.  Hoffman Haus Bed and Breakfast is just one example of Hill Country hospitality at its finest with an array of room styles and a hot breakfast delivered to your room each day.  Speaking of food, which I often do, there are fabulous dining options in Fredericksburg both on and off Main Street.  If you haven’t had a good schnitzel or bratwurst lately, be comforted to know that there is some great German cuisine available.  If shopping is more your style, you only need to take a stroll down Main Street.  A wide selection of locally-owned shops will welcome you so whether you are looking for art or antiques, candy or candles, jewelry or t-shirts, I’m sure you’ll find a host of stores to your liking.   There are dozens of wineries in the Fredericksburg area so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of wine tasting rooms available.  Texas grows a lot of grapes and many people are pleasantly surprised at how good Hill Country Wines taste.  If craft beer is on your list, you will find some great beer tasting rooms in town.  One of my favorite attractions in Fredericksburg is the National Museum of the Pacific War.  Admiral Chester Nimitz, commander of the Pacific Fleet during World War II, was born in Fredericksburg and his family owned a hotel which is now part of the museum.  Covering six acres, there are several parts to the museum complex so you can certainly fill the better part of a day touring the Admiral Nimitz Museum, the Memorial Garden, the George H.W. Bush Gallery, the Japanese Garden of Peace, and more.  Fredericksburg is also known for peaches so be sure to stop by a fruit stand to get some locally grown fruits and vegetables.  There’s nothing like a freshly picked peach on a summer day!  Fredericksburg has a host of parks, the highlight of which is Market Square.  It is the site of the first school and first church in town.  It has gardens and pavilions that often host community events such as concerts and festivals.  If you visit in December, there’s an ice-skating rink in the park.

So come out for the weekend to Fredericksburg where they say it has Texas Heart and German Soul.  I’m Craig Smyser, thanks for joining me for this road trip episode of Discover Austin.

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