Discover Austin: Big Top Candy Shop - Episode 70

I felt like a kid in a candy shop for this episode of Discover Austin, because, well, I'm at Big Top Candy Shop!  Located on South Congress, Big Top Candy Shop offers classic candy, ice cream, a soda fountain, and so much more.  If you'd prefer to read about Big Top, the transcript can be found below the video.

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Greetings, I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty.  There are a lot of fun businesses along South Congress Avenue.  I’m going to visit one of my favorites, Big Top Candy Shop, on this episode of Discover Austin.

Decorated in a circus theme and coined as “The Most Amazing Candy Store the World Has Ever Known,” Big Top Candy Shop opened in 2007.  Upon entering the store, the sights and smells of candy will overwhelm your senses.  There is so much candy at Big Top, literally thousands and thousands of different kinds, that its hard to even know where to start.  They’ve got retro candy so you can buy things that you ate as a kid but didn’t even realize were still made.  You’ll find new candies and of course, they also have standard items like Sweet Tarts and Nerds.  If you hang around that part of the store long enough, you are bound to hear a parent say to their kid, “But you can get that anywhere – look at all of this other candy!”

 If you’ve got a big appetite, how about a 5-pound Hershey Bar or a 5-pound gummy bear?  A huge lollipop is always a great choice, too.

There are different types of fudge and numerous specialty chocolates including chocolate covered potato chips.   Chocolate covered bacon is a house specialty.  The savory bacon and the sweet chocolate really blend well together.  If I’m not careful, I could end up as stuffed as I was after the Din Ho Chinese BBQ episode!

There are over 400 types of bulk candies, plenty of gummy treats, and a whole assortment of taffies.  Here’s a favorite of little brothers everywhere – candy with bugs in it – hey, there’s nothing wrong with some protein along with your sugar.

They have an old-fashioned soda fountain, too.  With 30 flavors of syrup, the combinations for what you can have are almost endless.  And, no soda fountain would be complete without ice cream.  Big Top Candy Shop serves up one of my favorites, Blue Bell Ice Cream, with twelve rotating flavors.  So have an ice cream float, shake, malt, or just a scoop.

Brandon Hodge is the owner and he does a fantastic job of refurbishing and using older equipment.  For example, this vintage cigarette machine is used to dispense candy sticks (and I say candy sticks because they’re no longer called candy cigarettes).  The soda fountain itself was an original that was saved and installed here at Big Top.  There are a host of other vintage items that you can find around the store.

Along the top of the store are a variety of circus posters that add a great touch of whimsy.  While some are vintage, many of the posters were created specifically for Big Top and are based on current and former employees.

There is so much to explore here that you definitely need a few visits to really soak it all in. 

So step right up to enjoy the candies, chocolates, ice cream, and sodas at Big Top Candy Shop! I’m Craig Smyser with 1835 Realty and thank you for joining me for this episode of Discover Austin.  And remember, when you need to buy or sell real estate in Central Texas, I’m ready to help.

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