Deep Freeze Terror

I've seen many unusual, and sometimes gross, things in homes over the years but nothing compares to the grossness of an abandoned deep freezer. Hear all about it by watching the video or reading the transcript below the video.

I’ve seen some pretty nasty things in houses during my career and one of the grossest was a deep freezer that had been without power for a few years.  When I entered that house, I was the first person inside for a couple of years as it was a probate situation and the utilities had been turned off long beforehand.  I had already come across some interesting sights when I entered the laundry room and saw the deep freezer.  I had to do it.  I lifted the top and shined the flashlight inside.  First of all, the smell was putrid.  Second, the insides were moving.  Look, I’m not a man of science.  I didn’t stick around to document and identify the various insects that were in that freezer.  I don’t know how they got inside the freezer.  I presume the food items in there were sealed up in some fashion, so don’t ask me how the bugs got into those bags.  I just know that the rotting food wreaked and was being eaten by something.  If I had an HGTV crew with me, that’s the time we would have cut to a commercial.  

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