Coronavirus Market Stat Update 8

The number of new listings added to the MLS yesterday, Sunday March 29, was 57. That is a high number for a Sunday - in fact, a 16% increase compared to the average for the past four Sundays. Of course, we are now heading into a time of year when we expect more listings to come to the market. When I started out tracking these numbers on a daily basis, it was just to see how we were changing day-to-day and week-to-week. However, as it stretches on, I believe I need to start comparing the numbers to this time same frame a year ago to really get the impact of how the market is impacted by Covid-19. Those numbers will take a little while to put together so I should have those ready in the next day or two.

The number of contracts continues to decline as more people observe the shelter-at-home orders. Using a rolling four-days (excluding yesterday because of the time lag of agents changing the MLS status) of Wednesday to Saturday, the number of contracts was down 25% from the week prior. Of course, the market was already slowing by then. Compared to the three weeks before that, the declines are 35%, 41%, and 34%. Again, once I assemble the year-ago numbers, we can put this in better context.

The number of withdrawn listings was 8 and the number changed to 'Temporarily off Market' was 27. Both higher than usual, but lower than we've seen recently.

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