Consider This When Buying A Home

This is a HUGE consideration to keep in mind when buying a home.

I always advise my buyer clients to avoid homes that back to undeveloped commercial land or land that seems to have a probability of being rezoned for commercial. Now, if it’s already developed commercial property, you know what you’re backing to and can decide if you’re okay with it. But when it’s undeveloped, you as a homeowner have no control over what will go there. I could become a dentist office that’s relatively quiet. But maybe it ends up being a Home Depot with forklifts running all day and semi trucks delivering supplies. Of course, it could end up as a Burger King with the smell of flame broiled Whoppers drifting over your home 24 hours a day. The governmental entity that’s in charge of approving the project won’t care if some residential neighbors are upset about a proposal – they’re usually more interested in the new property tax revenue.

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