Buyers Are Not Liars

That’s one of the real estate phrases I hate.  It’s bantered around by real estate agents to express frustration with buyers who say they want one thing but end up changing their mind.  In reality, many agents fail to understand that buyers often have an idea of what they want, but until they actually see it, they don’t know for sure.  Only by getting out, looking at homes, and walking through properties can many buyers really get a feel of what is most desirable in a house.  I often find that no one has taken the time to share experiences or insight on how a home will be utilized. At different stages of life, a buyer may want a master bedroom either closer or further from the secondary bedrooms.  Or what are the pros & cons of backing to another house or a street?  Buyers aren’t liars – they just need to be given time to understand what they really want.  Buying a home rarely needs to be rushed. 

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