Blaming the Boomers?

Blaming the Boomers?  I saw a study from Redfin claiming Baby Boomers are squeezing Millennials from the large home market because they’re not downsizing.  That study was flawed. As a Gen Xer, I’m neutral in the Boomer/Millennial battle. But the study compared the years 2022 to 2012, but didn’t compare similar ages.  Dropping generational labels, they compared today’s 58 to 76 year olds to people who were 67 to 84 in 2012.  That makes a big difference because people in the 76 to 84 range are much more likely to downsize than people from 58 to 67.  On the younger side, they compared today’s 26 to 41 year olds to people who were 32 to 47 in 2012.  That six year difference is huge given when people buy their first homes.  In short, that “study” was a complete joke just trying to draw in clicks with their generational warfare headline.

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