Bill and Peggy

There are people behind our transactions.  And sometimes, their story sticks with us.  In 2005, I was asked to sell Bill and Peggy’s home.  Peggy was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and didn’t have long to live, so they decided to move closer to their kids and grandkids for the remainder of her days.  They were such a sweet couple and in how he cared for his ailing wife, it was clear that Bill loved her so much.  With the house under contract and the moving truck loaded, the couple set out to drive to Florida.  They stayed overnight at a hotel along the way and Bill passed away in his sleep.  It was a shock to everyone – he was thought to be in good health.  Working with their kids, we were able to still close the house and tie up that loose end for the family.  I don’t know how long Peggy lived after that.  This isn’t so much a story about real estate as it is about the people that we meet along the way.

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