Before Digital Photos

We didn’t always have digital cameras.  I’ve been selling real estate for almost 25 years.  At the beginning digital cameras weren’t very common, nor were they affordable.  So, I used film to take house photos.  And I say ‘I’ because hiring a professional photographer was unheard of unless you worked the uber luxury market.  So, I’d take the photos, develop the prints, then scan a few of them – which seemed really high tech at the time.  I would then take these very low-quality digital files and upload only a handful to the MLS because we were super limited in the number of photos we could submit.  Because I was ahead of my time, I’d also use the scanned photos on flyers.  I know, right? Well, I saved a few of those old photos and this one is from my first year in real estate.  The fog was just burning off as I captured the back of this house on a small lake as a few birds flew over the water.  Luckily for me, within a year or so, digital cameras became much more affordable.

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