Austin's Public Companies

There are now 55 publicly traded companies headquartered in Central Texas.  Obviously, jobs are a big part of the growth in the Austin area.  And as more companies move their operations here, it fuels more growth.  Just five years ago, we had 40 publicly traded companies based in Central Texas.  Dell Technologies remains the largest by revenue and has held the position for many years.  Close behind, though, is Tesla which may soon eclipse Dell.  In third place, at about half of Tesla’s revenue is Oracle who may soon be moving its headquarters to Nashville.  Flex is number 4 and Digital Realty Trust is number 5.  Other notable names include Yeti at #9 and Chuy’s Tex Mex at #25.  Most of the others aren’t household names that many would recognize.   The list of publicly traded companies in Central Texas was published by the Austin Business Journal.

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