Airbnb Nightmare

An Airbnb nightmare! A woman in Los Angeles has stayed in an Airbnb for 18 months without paying. In September of ’21, she rented a guesthouse for a six-month stay.  When the time came for her to move out, she did not leave. Her stay was informally extended by a few weeks – outside the Airbnb platform – which means Airbnb won’t help the landlord. The tenant hasn’t paid rent since.  Eventually, the owner tried to evict her.  A city inspector found that the guesthouse wasn’t approved for occupancy and that it had an unpermitted shower. So the city won’t allow the landlord to evict the tenant until the unit is in compliance with the law. But the tenant won’t let the landlord into the property to fix it. Now each party is suing the other.  I love investment properties, but be careful because things can go horribly wrong. 


#1 By Melissa Susan Weekley at 10/30/2023 6:26 AM

I dont know how something like that can happen. How can someone stay at your property and not pay anything while the owner will have to pay the expenses to maintain the property. It is as if the woman is a thief and scammer.

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