Airbnb Nightmare Update 2

Another update on that Airbnb nightmare. Recapping briefly, there’s a woman in Los Angeles who has been living in an Airbnb without paying rent.  The owner hasn’t been able to evict her because of some local laws.  Well, after 575 rent-free days, she’s moved out.  But the saga isn’t over.  Her attorney says she plans to return!  The locks have already been changed, but she says that she has not abandoned the property.  The owner says she’s going to need a court order to return and he is suing her to recover the rent that she didn’t pay.  Amazingly, even with the notoriety that Elizabeth Hirschhorn has received from this and the previous time she did this exact same scam, she was able to rent an apartment in LA.  We’ll see how that turns out for the owner of that property. 

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