Airbnb Data

Are Airbnbs about to tank the housing market?  I don’t think so.  Recently, a website I won’t mention published data saying that short term rental bookings across much of the country had collapsed so much that owners would be forced to sell their homes.  There were plenty of charts and graphs and numbers.  But then a second company came out to refute the first one, stating that their data doesn’t show a big STR market collapse and, in fact, shows a very healthy STR market.  I read both articles, and agree with the second one that claims a healthy market.  But even if the STR market were to collapse, leading to owners getting out of the STR business, some of them would turn the houses into long-term rentals and others would sell them.  Both of those markets could currently use an influx of inventory given the high demand and low supply.  The number of STRs just isn’t enough nationally to heavily impact the overall housing market.

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