Agent Award Season

Everyone gets an award!  We’re heading into the time of the year in which real estate companies hand out awards to their agents.  These awards are meant to impress you, the consumer, so that you’ll want to hire the agent.  Personally, I’m not big on them.  I was with a national franchise for almost 20 years and collected my share of hardware.  I displayed a couple of the big milestone ones, but most just went into the trash.  But some people like to say they’re a Centurian, or a Platinum winner, or, ICON.  Maybe they’re in the Gold Circle or the Hall of Fame.  Since I’ve owned my own brokerage, I haven’t created and therefore haven’t collected any awards recently.  But people still hire me because of my experience and expertise in real estate.  Although, maybe I should conjure up something up to impress you.  How about the Titanium Sphere of Legends?  Or perhaps the Gilded Crystal Master Club?  

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