A Good Inspector

What makes a good inspector?  Over the years, I’ve worked with many home inspectors and seen a boatload of inspection reports.  I think the best inspectors are neutral parties who simply report what they find.  Obviously, they also need to be more than competent in their field.  I know some of the inspectors I refer to my clients have found things that I believe others would miss – and that just comes from experience.  You also want an inspector who can properly set expectations.  A good inspector will interpret the report so the buyer understands what items are important to have corrected and which ones are just good to know about.  And don’t forget that even new construction homes should have inspections – you’d be surprised what turns up.  Sure, there are municipal inspections during the building process, but just because they pass those, doesn’t mean that everything is good.


#1 By Tetyana Hanna at 4/23/2024 -1:01 PM

A competent inspector is a major asset for any home buyer. I agree with your post, home buyers should always hire a home inspector, even for new builds.

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