A Few Austin Updates

Times they are a changin’.  I want to recap a few recent news stories in case you haven’t heard. Highland Lanes at Burnet & 183 is closing towards the end of the year to make way for a 300-unit multifamily building. I presume it’s going to be apartments & not condos. Highland Lanes has been around for almost 50 years and the Big Lebowski Grill inside of it makes excellent burgers. Speaking of burgers, great news that Dirty Martin’s will no longer be displaced by the light rail project. I guess they’ve slightly altered the route to save about a dozen businesses. Finally, a 45-story apartment building with around 800 units near Q2 Stadium is seeking approval.  It will displace some small office buildings. In short, more apartments are on their way and remember that we have a lot of great burgers in town including Dirty Martin’s and the Big Lebowski Grill – in fact I think I’m going to have one for lunch. 

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