A Chance Meeting

Some deals come together in unusual ways.  I once represented a seller and we got an offer on the house.  The buyer’s agent incorrectly attempted to make the seller’s disclosure part of the contract.  That’s not how its done in Texas.  We reached an agreement on all terms with the exception of this item.  We wanted it to be a stand alone notice but the buyer’s agent insisted it be integrated into the contract.  As it happened, both the buyer and seller worked for the same large company and ended up sitting next to each other at a company function just a day or two after negotiations broke off.  They figured out who they were and the buyer asked why it didn’t come together.  Well, the buyer’s agent wasn’t very forthcoming with her client and when he found out the situation, he was livid.  Very soon after that, I got the documents as we had requested them.  The sale closed and everyone lived happily ever after.

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