2024 Property Tax Appraisals

Property tax appraisals are now available. Both Travis and Williamson Counties have released most of their 2024 values.  In Travis County, the average single-family residence saw a decline of 7%, but that’s just an average.  Having taken a cursory look through, I can assure you that many homes saw increased values this year.  Williamson County has not released any information on the aggregate values in their county.  The deadline to protest for both counties is May 15th this year.  That’s earlier than past years so let me repeat that the deadline to protest is May 15th.  Each year I host an online workshop that goes more in-depth on protesting property tax appraisals and it’ll be on May 2nd.  If you want more information on the webinar, comment or send a private message. Keep in mind, that if you purchased your house before 2021, you’re probably still enjoying the 10% homestead cap and likely paying taxes on a valuation lower than this year’s appraised value.    

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