2023 Paint Trends

Want to know the trending paint colors for 2023? I did too, so I thought Sherwin Williams could help. I figured there would be two or three colors, but I was shocked to find out their forecast of colors is pretty much an entire rainbow. Really, they have 40 colors in their prediction that run the spectrum. Let me rattle off a few of the actual paint color names for you: Goldfinch, Nugget (they probably meant gold, but my first thought was chicken), Antler Velvet – which sounds like a much cooler wallpaper than paint, Likeable Sand, Reddened Earth not to be confused with Redend Point, Skyline Steel, Mount Edna, Homestead Brown, Fabulous Grape, Kale Green, Blue Peacock, and, of course, Pure White. So I guess when a client asks me what color is trendy to paint their house, I can tell them to pick whatever color they want.

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