2022 Property Tax Appraisal Information

The 2022 property tax appraisals have been released in Central Texas and most people are surprised at the values. While I usually teach how to protest, this year I am looking at seven topics related to the appraisals:

1. How we ended up with the big increase in appraisals.
2. What, if anything, the discrepancies between land and improvement values mean.
3. The importance of the homestead exemption.
4. How & why to protest if you bought a house in 2021.
5. What to do if you own investment property that doesn’t have the homestead exemption.
6. How all of this will impact the real estate market.
7. What will actually happen to the tax bills later this year.

While this video focuses on Travis County, the general information translates across the great state of Texas. 

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