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Do you want to send an email newsletter to your clients, sphere, and leads, but don't have the time to put content together?  I send out a newsletter each week and am happy to share that content with the Tom Ferry Ecosystem in a format ready to cut and paste into your own template.  What specifically is included? 

  • The Nugget.  This is a short fact or stat about a real estate related topic.  
  • A Short-Form Video Script.  Feel free to just copy and paste the text or shoot your own video to include.
  • A Great Photo.  A picture of a unique, famous, or gorgeous home along with some brief information about it.  This sometimes will have a link to more information about the home.
  • Sometimes I'll include a prompt for some local content.  

Combine this with rate information from a local lender and you've got yourself a great weekly email (or monthly, twice a month - whatever you want).  Obviously, you can add extra content on your own -  ideas include local events, a recent listing, or any relevant videos you've created (monthly market updates are great).  Remember, few people are going to open it every single week or read the entire thing, but if you are providing good content, they'll open it when they have time and take a look through it.  

Here's a sample of what you'll receive from me.  Here's a sample of my newsletter as my clients/leads receive it.  Simply register below and you'll start getting content delivered on Monday afternoons/evenings.